Production Parts:

doorhinge1a.JPG (135408 bytes)   hogouta.JPG (130460 bytes)   clevisa.JPG (124898 bytes)

High degree of difficulty aircraft parts like this door hinge component, control linkage pivot, and wing flap control clevis (all for various Boeing commercial aircraft) represent some of the parts that Kinetic Research has produced successfully. These parts typically come in lots of 30 to 150 pieces, and are characterized by tight tolerances, rigid inspection requirements, and difficult to machine features (deep slots, compound angles, etc.). The door hinge component on the left required 7 different fixturing positions to machine!


platea.JPG (78360 bytes)   spud1a.JPG (87727 bytes)

These parts are from a wood floor installation tool. Kinetic Research did the complete detail design and production process for this tool. The plate on the left was cut eight at a time from 3/16 aluminum plate on a vacuum fixture we produced in-house. The finished tool consisted of about 12 various machined parts, knobs, and fasteners, and was delivered to the customer assembled, lubricated, and ready for use. We produced several hundred of these units during the production contract.


gland1a.jpg (64188 bytes)   SHP3a.jpg (51329 bytes)

Kinetic Research specializes in parts and accessories for large ship propellers. The gland ring on the left is 36 inches in diameter, machined on our custom large CNC rotary table which installs onto our Fadal VMC. We produce gland rings for 688 and Trident class submarines, as well as other U.S. Naval surface ships. The side hole plugs on the right, used on 688 class submarines, are machined from naval bronze bar stock. They have heads that are 5 inches in diameter; the threaded portion is a 4 inch diameter 8 pitch thread that we thread mill using helical interpolation on our Fadal VMC.