Exotic Propellers:

Casting pattern and machining of 24 inch diameter thruster for Navy NR-1 Pocket Nuclear Submarine.

These thrusters represent a recent design to production project which involved the complete solid model creation from an ancient blueprint (including complex 3T-T/3 blade/hub fillets), design synthesis of a match plate casting pattern with appropriate shrink factor and complex parting surfaces with draft, complete CNC machining of the pattern, and complete CNC machining of a 4 piece ship set from nickel aluminum bronze alloy including hand finishing of blade surfaces to better than a 32 microinch finish.


pattern1.jpg (61345 bytes)    pattern2.jpg (71943 bytes)    NR1 Thruster Pattern P3280022.JPG (133391 bytes)    NR1 Thruster Pattern P3280025.JPG (96146 bytes) 

NR1 Thruster Pattern P4060108.JPG (106653 bytes)     NR1 Thruster Pattern P4080118.JPG (112095 bytes)    NR1 Thruster Pattern P4080119.JPG (107273 bytes)

thruster6.jpg (42477 bytes)    thruster5.jpg (42581 bytes)    P1080528 NR1 Thruster.JPG (194168 bytes)     P1080529 NR1 Thruster.JPG (52171 bytes)  

 P1080530 NR1 Thruster.JPG (42552 bytes)