Exotic Propellers:

Precision machining of exotic geometry prototype propellers; NMRS project for Lockheed Marine Systems.

These exotic counter-rotating propeller sets were machined from 6061-T6 plate aluminum which was UT inspected prior to machining. Each billet started out approximately 17 inches in diameter and 7 inches thick, weighing about 135 lbs. The finished propellers weighed about 5 lbs. These parts required meticulous hand finishing to a virtual mirror finish, and then a hard anodize coating for corrosion resistance.

For these parts, the customer supplied us with a fairly crude wire frame IGES file defining section contours on the blade surfaces. They also provided a drawing that detailed the hub and keyways. We synthesized all of the complex surfaces and toolpaths in house.



Aft and Fwd in line.jpg (597740 bytes)    AFT.JPG (278345 bytes)    FWD.JPG (479870 bytes)    AFT and FWD side by side.JPG (214753 bytes)