Carbon Fiber Composite Hydrofoil:

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Developed for use on a speed sailing record challenger, these inverted tee foils feature a complex foil design, incorporating sweep, taper, and a variable thickness distribution to optimize speed, drag, and structural considerations. Extremely high lift to drag ratios are achieved from the 13:1 aspect ratio of the lifting foil, and by the use of NACA low drag sections duplicated with high fidelity by the CNC mold making and net female metal molding techniques employed in its fabrication.

The hydrofoils were fabricated from high strength carbon fiber pre-preg laid continuously from tip to tip and from tip to end so that there are no fibers terminated in the high stress area of the tee where the lifting foil joins the vertical foil. Molded surfaces are hydrodynamically smooth right from the mold.

These foils were designed and fabricated completely in house, as were the matched aluminum molds.