12 String Electric Guitar:

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This 12 string electric guitar is a pet project of Tom's, and was designed completely in house using our Ideas solid modeler and machined from solid 6061-T6 plate aluminum using Ideas Generative Machining. This innovate guitar has the following features:

Headless design with tuners on bridge.
Full size 25 1/2 inch scale length using standard off the shelf Steinberger strings.
Ergonometric minimalist body design feels good on a strap and is comfy in the lap.
Unique rocking lever tuning mechanism with ball thrust bearings on each tuner knob
Neck and body carved from one piece for strength, lightness, maximum sustain.
Stressed skin and diaphragm construction; completely hollowed out, weight completely outfitted is 6 lbs.
No truss rod; fretboard machined with 12 inch radius and .015 relief.
EMG active 707 pickups with volume, tone and special EMG resonant peak  EQ control.
Individual string saddles allow completely independent height and intonation adjustment for each string.
True zero fret, frets made from spring temper stainless steel.
Extra wide neck; 2.0 inches at the nut, for fat fingers.
Custom design black epoxy inlay fret markers.

The guitar met our wildest expectations as to form, fit, finish, and function, with an astonishingly easy action, and a truly unique and wonderful tone.