Bluntcut Swim Fins for Toobs Bodyboards:

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The Toobs Bodyboards Bluntcut Swim Fin represents a Kinetic Research "concept to production" project. These fins were created especially to address the needs of performance bodyboard riders everywhere. Bluntcut Swim Fins sport the following features:

    Bluntcut profile allows maximum mobility on the beach and in the surf line.

    Premium natural rubber material, floats if it comes off the foot.

    Dual durometer construction gives a stiff blade for performance, but allows a soft, comfortable foot pocket.

    Open heal design with a jet toe ejection port clears sand quickly from the foot pocket.

    Smooth hydrodynamic contours promote maximum thrust with minimum effort.

This project began with a preliminary design by Kinetic Research followed by a proof of concept surface cut from epoxy laminated masonite.

After approval from the customer, we did an improved design and cut a prototype mold from epoxy laminated masonite and hardrock maple. This mold was designed to duplicate the geometry and mode of action of a contemplated production tool, so that we could analyze and refine the design to accommodate the production process. We then molded 5 pairs of prototype fins using a benchtop polyurethane casting elastomer. These prototype fins were extensively tested by the customer "in the surf".

The resulting feedback allowed us to do a final re-design, and we then machined 4 large steel compression molds to do the production. Introduced in the 1995 season, these fins have become a successful and high margin addition to the Toobs Bodyboard product line. Pick up a pair at a quality surf shop that stocks the Toobs line. See Toobs online at