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Exotic Propellers, Custom and Prototype

 Airfoils * Hydrofoils * Streamlined Shapes * Fins * Keels * Wings * Blades * Daggerboards * Struts.

For: military and commercial submersibles, submersible and airborne ROV's, HPV's, personal subs, electric boats, sailboats, experimental aircraft and watercraft of all kinds.

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   Computer aided design and computer aided machining (CAD/CAM) of complex surfaces.

   Aero and hydrodynamic design, research, development, and fabrication.

   Mold design and fabrication.

   Carbon fiber composite materials design, development, production, and tooling.

   Prototype design, development, machining, fabrication, and assembly.

   New product design and development.

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Thomas R. Wilcox; BSME Cal Poly Pomona, 35 years industrial experience.

Steven H. Mackey, Founder Emeritus; BSME Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, now retired.